What is it like to work at a US Summer Camp like CTY as a college student?


I would be very interested in pursuing a summer at a camp. What is the experience like?


Hi! I worked at CTY for two of my summers in college and previously I had worked at a music camp and some Girl Scout camps. CTY specifically is an academic summer camp for highly talented 12-16 year olds, and working there is an extremely challenging and rewarding experience. I was a Resident Assistant there, which meant that I was responsible for living in dorms with the students, planning their recreational activities, and supervising them whenever they were outside of class. All of my coworkers were great to work with, and I really enjoyed working in an environment where all the employees were highly motivated to make sure that the kids had a great summer. Overall, working at a summer camp like CTY is a great way to make a difference in kids’ lives by facilitating a memorable and transformative experience for them.

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