What is it like to study Global Environmental Change and Sustainability at John Hopkins University?

This looks like a unique and interesting field of study I haven’t seen in many other top colleges?

Yes it definitely is a very unique and interesting program.

Global Environmental Change and Sustainability is an interdisciplinary program introducing students to the science of Earth and how humans interact with the Earth. The program is designed in a way that the students are exposed to theory, research, and practical applications of the both areas.

The core requirements prepare all students with a solid background in social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities that are relevant to global environmental change and sustainability. After completing the core requirements, students can choose either environmental science or social science track.

During the course of the degree, students are required to take ecology, biology, environmental law and policy, environmental economics, natural resource management, environmental ethics, geography, political science, chemistry, engineering, anthropology, sociology, physics, communication science, mathematics and statistics, and psychology courses. I would recommend the program to students who want to venture beyond their traditional academic disciplines.

Research is at the heart of the program; final year students are required to complete a year-long capstone project, involving the research, planning, and execution of a tangible sustainability project on or off campus. It serves to provide the academic space, time, and mentoring for the students to integrate synthesize the knowledge and skills obtained during the previous years into a coherent framework. For my capstone project, I explored how different form of business management affected efficiency of water supply infrastructure operations in South East Asia.