What is it like to study Economics at John Hopkins University?

I’ve heard a reasonable amount about the science programs but how is the economics?

Perhaps Johns Hopkins University is the most well known for its great pre-medical and sciences programs at undergraduate level but Economics is also a very popular concentration. In fact, about 30% of the arts & sciences students declare Economics as their major.

Hopkins is known for its flexible undergraduate program without a core curriculum; students really have the option to explore different academic fields during the first two years and as a result, over 60% of the students have either a second major or a minor. It is not uncommon for science majors to study Economics as a double major or even completely change into an Economics major. I originally enrolled as an International Studies major but ended up majoring in Economics and Environmental Studies.

The Department of Economics at Johns Hopkins is one of the leading departments in the US with outstanding strength in its research faculty, graduate program, and undergraduate program. Also, 5 Nobel Prize winners in Economics are associated with Johns Hopkins. At undergraduate level, Economics is offered as a major, a minor, and a minor in financial economics through the Center for Financial Economics, founded by the Economics department faculty and alumni in financial industry.

Many graduates go on to law school, medical school, or graduate school in economics, while others enter the workforce, usually in the fields of investment banking or finance, and management consulting. Public sector is also a popular destination for graduating students seeking employment.