What is a fulbright scholarship? Is it worldwide?

It sounds like a big program that runs across many countries. Is it just for post-grad? What is the application like, and what makes one eligible? Thanks!

The Fulbright Scholarship is an international educational exchange program run by the US State Department. It was started in the early 20th century by United States Senator Fulbright, and is currently funded (and administered) by the US Department of State.

It is offered to students across many levels of education, including post bachelors (a college student traditionally applies their senior year of college), graduate (masters/PhD level students), as well as for faculty across a range of disciplines. Fulbrighters do a range of activities, including research, teaching, or even developing documentaries!

It is a very broad program with many different sub-programs, so there is no “singular” application for the Fulbright. For the flagship program (Fulbright Student Research Program, the one offered to US students upon graduation from their bachelor’s program), students generally complete a one-page Personal Statement alongside a two-page “Statement of Grant Purpose” which outlines the scope of the research you wish to conduct, why it is compeling, etc.

Overall, the program is looking to find students whose purpose aligns very close with the Fulbright’s mission of cross-cultural cooperation and building a community of global ambassadors. As such, it is critical that your application showcases your ambassadorial capacities as well as a in-depth understanding of the cultural context you are entering, should you get awarded the scholarship.