What is a counsellor?


I always thought you went to them when you have personal/family troubles to talk about your problems but it doesn’t seem to be? I’m a bit worried as I’m in Y13 and have no idea who my counsellor or our school counsellor is


Hi @anonymous68

Technically, you’re not wrong. There are different interpretations of what a counsellors job entails, and this interpretation varies school to school. At some institutions, the counsellor might act as someone whom students confine to; seeking emotional support.

However, for many schools (and this is prevalent internationally and not so much in NZ) the counsellor acts as your one-stop shop for all things education: high school curriculum, career choices, potential degrees and universities. They will help set out a plan and provide you with the necessary steps needed to get there.

School counsellors are great, but many don’t have the resource or depth of knowledge to really make an impact. I’d seek help elsewhere, for example, with Crimson. If you’d like a free academic assessment, send info@crimsoneducation.org an email with your CV and a short summary of your ambitions.