What is a 2+2 MBA program?

I’ve heard that this is a route to business school - what is it and are there alternatives to doing a 2+2??

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Basically, 2+2 gives you the opportunity to apply to B-school as a senior in college. The idea is to spend two years “in the field” (a lot of students choose management consulting) and then join the MBA program afterwards

@jamie.beaton is definitely the person to elaborate on this one :slight_smile:


Hi Anonymous,

2+2 MBA programs as Adam said are a type of application available to business schools like Harvard and Stanford for graduating seniors in their final year of university.

I personally applied to Stanford’s 2+2 program equivalent and was fortunately successful in gaining admission to Stanford’s MBA program when I was 20 so I can answer this from first hand experience.

Stanford’s program:

Harvard’s program:

The alternative to doing 2+2 application process is simply to apply normally. Most business schools expect at least 2 years of work experience before applying. 2+2 applications are more competitive than normal applications for business school and also disproportionately accepts students from STEM (Science Tech Engineering Math) backgrounds. I, for example, studied Applied Mathematics in my undergraduate degree.