What are the terms and conditions of the financial aid system?

Hi, I was wondering upon receiving a financial aid, will the recipient need to pay the money back once they get a job, or have to give back to the uni in anyway afterwards etc?
And what are the terms and conditions of receiving the different financial aid packages?

Hi Michele,

It depends on what university you are applying for as well as your citizenship status. Can you provide some more information about which country you are applying from (US or international) and what types of universities you are aiming for? If you are not sure, what to aim for then summarize your CV and academic results or email me at j.beaton@crimsoneducation.org and I can see what schools you could be aiming for based on your candidacy then answer your aid question.

Generally speaking, most financial aid for international students is in the forms of grants and not loans so you don’t need to pay it back upon graduation. Aid is generally based on your family’s income and assets and has to be reviewed on an annual basis.

Hi Michele,

The exact “terms and conditions” is usually dependent on the school offering the financial aid package. Generally speaking, you begin paying back any loans about 6 months after graduation.