What are the most generous schools?

Which schools are known for giving financial aid to international applicants / NZ applicants generously apart from need blind schools

Need blind schools don’t mean they will give you aid generously. It means they don’t consider your financial situation when admitting you. They can admit you and still not give you any aid such as Cornell. For non need blind universities you will not even get admitted in the first place. A lot of private universities are full need which means you will get all the aid you need if you can get in. The difficult part is getting in. Schools like Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Boston college, most liberal arts colleges, usc, have all given full aid packages to my students.

I think you are asking which universities are need blind AND full need. Those are limited, just wiki it. I also said before that getting into a need blind university without aid is actually tougher most of the time than getting into a non need blind university with aid.