What are the main steps to running an event?


What are the main steps to running an event?


The process of running events can definitely seem overwhelming at first! Especially when you wander through the artificial alleys of a fair, it can be difficult to pinpoint all the discussions and decisions that resulted in the processes of the day.

However, even the biggest international events started as an idea- just like the one that you have. Try to think of that idea in its smallest embodiment. How would it fit into your school? Your community? Who would be interested? What would the costs be like?

Remember that you definitely do not have to take on this endeavour by yourself. It is actually better for your application to show that you were able to lead and work in a team. If you can find people as passionate as you are, give them areas to work on and make their own.

The finer steps such as running media campaigns, legally setting up the umbrella foundation, approaching speakers and soliciting funds is best given to you by your expert consultant and tailored to your specific needs.

You will soon start to find that, with proper planning, each step proceeds quite logically!

Direct yourself to crimsoneducation.org for a list of the impressive projects our students and consultants have planned.

Best, Joanna.