What are the best sports to play to get into U.S. universities?

I am playing a few different sports at a high level and I’d love to accelerate one of my games in the hope of being accepted into a top U.S. college. Are there some sports that they recruit more actively for?

To be honest, there is no such theory that a certain sport has more chance of helping you get in compared to another. If your sport is in the NCAA playing field and you are good at it, then finding a school with a scholarship won’t be hard. There have been plenty of Kiwis get into the top teams for big sports such as basketball with scholarship and also not so big sports. As long as your skill level aligns with the level of the team or better, the scholarships will come. Make sure to find a school that matches your skill level, and you will be all set to begin your journey. I have known Kiwis that have received full scholarships to most sports in the NCAA system with ease so it just comes down to how you contact the coaches in America.