What are some interview questions?

What types of questions do they ask at interview?

These are some general interview questions:

Tell me about yourself.
Tell me about your school
Tell me about your parents
Do you have any siblings?
What do you want to study?
What does success mean to you?
After 4 years of college, how would you know it has been successful?
What is your strongest attribute?
What is (this college) really about?
What’s your favorite subject, why?
What do you do for fun?
How would your friends describe you?
What are you interested in (i.e. extracurriculars)
What book have you read recently that you would recommend?
Why ___ College?
Why do you want to study in the US, in general?
What do your parents think about you studying at ____?
Have you ever visited campus?
How would you introduce yourself to the rest of the students?
What have you been doing since graduation? (RD)
Do you have any questions for me? (have questions prepared)
Do you have anything you would like the school to know that was not mentioned in your application?
Have you won any international competitions?
What would you miss the most about your country if you come to study here?
If you could do one thing and not fail, what would it be?
Tell me how you want me to present you to the school