What are some highlights of Stanford's campus?


Any one been?


Yep! Funnily enough, I’ve just spent all of today on the Stanford campus exploring accomodation and facilities.

  • Main Oval, Memorial Court & Iconic Fresco

The main image associated with Stanford is the view from Palm Drive, basically this image here:

This is what you see as you drive down the huge long entrance to Stanford, and it’s an incredible view. At the front of the shot, there is the Stanford Oval - essentially a huge grassy oval where people sometimes sit and study/picnic. There’s WiFi throughout the Oval, too!

Behind that, there is the Memorial Court - with the iconic statues by August Rodin - The Burghers of Calais. This is an iconic spot for photographs to be taken.

Then, even further back is the front of the Stanford Chapel - that iconic Fresco which you can see below!

  • Stanford Chapel

The Stanford Chapel is in memorial to Leland Stanford Junior, the namesake of the entire University.

The chapel is huge on the inside, and is constantly filled with people in prayer, or just admiring the architecture. Candles are constantly burning in there.

  • Stanford Stadium

Stanford Stadium is utterly huge. At its largest, it’s had had a capacity of 90,000 people - more than twice the capacity of Eden Park. When the stadium is full the atmosphere is incredible, and there’s a huge amount of passion about the football there.

The Stanford Stadium held the XIX Super Bowl, too!

  • Hoover Tower

One of the most iconic Stanford images is that of the Hoover Tower. From the top, you can see all the way to the San Francisco Bay, and there’s a spectacular view over the entire campus. It bears the name of Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the United States, and contains an art gallery on the lower floors (the property of Herbert Hoover), and also houses the Hoover Institution for Research & Think Tank.

  • The Stanford Engineering Quad

Stanford Engineering is globally recognised as one of the worlds premier engineering schools, and it has the campus to match. The above ground facilities are large - with buildings bearing the names of such influential technologists as Hewlett, Packard, and Bill Gates - just to name a few.

To add to this, there are several levels of underground laboratories beneath the buildings. I’ve witnessed incredible experiments down there - laser experiments, electron guns and particle accelerators able to be seen from behind large glass display walls for students to watch, or the public to gawk at!

  • Student Accomodation

But after the day of studying, the places where students sleep at night are nothing short of awesome.

Overall, the campus is beautiful - and there are many more highlights throughout, but I don’t have the space to go through them all! I’d highly recommend taking a virtual tour or visiting if you get the time.


I spent a lot of time in Green library studying because it was so relaxing and comfortable. MemChu (Memorial Church) has beautiful music playing all the time and I would go there just to find solace or some quiet time. Students love “Full Moon on the Quad” where it’s just a big gathering of students who want to meet each other to date, etc during the first full moon of the year. The gym facilities are amazing. The BioX building is exciting with all the research. I think the food at all the dorms, FloMo, Wilbur, Bob, was excellent. We would hike a large hill called the dish, which was a great workout. All the fountains lend themselves to “fountain hopping” too on a hot day.