What are some good ways for someone with ADHD and test anxiety to study?


I’m a smart individual, but it’s hard to show that when I sit down and take a test. It is extremely hard for me to sit in one place because I get so fidgety and my legs feel weird. I feel like I have to get up and run because I get so restless. And when I sit down for a test I just blank out or mix up everything in my head. I end up doing extremely bad on almost every test. I need advice on how I can study and do better on tests. Thanks :slight_smile:



I don’t have personal experience with ADHD, but I want to make sure you are aware of the accommodations available to students with ADHD for many standardized tests. For example, if you are planning to take the SAT, there are a range of accommodations available to you.

College Board lists the many details about how to determine your eligibility for a range of accommodations (including extended time on exams):

Hope this is helpful! :slight_smile:


Hi Hachaudh!

I am a speech language therapist with experience working with children and adults who face difficulties like those you describe. There are a range of strategies and techniques that could help with ADHD and test anxiety, which I assume you have had medically diagnosed. Most schools and universities have supports in place to assist students with the same challenges. I suggest you check in with your family doctor and / or the student support services at school as a first step.

One of the students I worked with recently went through the same process with his school and has changed his classroom chair with a swiss-ball, to assist with his restlessness during lessons. Another student is given additional support for test writing which includes extra time to take the test, support with a reader-writer aide. Other students benefit from using visuals and schedules to help with task completion.

From my end, it is difficult to offer specific advice without meeting you and reading the assessment report. However the following general strategies might be helpful:

  • Gaining an understanding ADHD and test anxiety- what it is, how it presents, and why it exits could help you with self evaluation and problem solving when the difficulties present.
  • Learning and practicing relaxation techniques can be helpful.
  • Many people with ADHD and test anxiety benefit from counseling.

I am happy to offer recommendations for follow up, once I have a better understanding of your background, feel free to reply with more context if you require more information.