What appealed/motivated you to study in the UK?

It’s always interesting to hear why people around the world make the leap to study in the UK when there are decent universities on their doorstep. I’d love to hear from current or past students about what motivated them to apply to UK universities. Thanks!

Hi! I applied to the UK - specifically St John’s college, Cambridge university - because I was very drawn to the history and traditions of scholarship and intellectual pursuit at the university, and also because I was ambitious to go to one of the best universities in the world, an idea that appealed to me from a young age. I also planned to study English literature, and wanting to be in the country that produced a lot of the wonderful literature I wanted to study was a great appeal, particularly where so many scholars, poets and writers had tread the halls before me. I also wanted to be able to study on the beautiful campus of Cambridge, which is truly stunning. I spoke to seniors who had applied and gone to the university, and even visited before deciding where to go eventually. Hope this helps!

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Thanks j.huang! Can I ask where you went to high school? Thanks!

Hi a.cork! I went to high school in Singapore. I went to raffles girls
school and then hwa Chong junior college there.

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