Wharton's Huntsman Program - subject tests?

Hi there - I’m looking to apply to UPenn’s pretty awesome Huntsman program this time around. I’ve filled in my application, but I’m worried that my lack of subject tests in math 2 and my target language (French) are going to really negatively affect my application. I have good grades in both math and French in high school, and I have a 1560 SAT score and high scores in math 1/literature. Still, is there any real point applying to the program, especially since it’s regular decision and now even more competitive?

Hey! Huntsman is very competitive but it is achievable - I gained admission and 6+ different students of Crimson has as well. with a reasonable chunk being regular round admits. Can you send me your CV, extra-curriculars and SAT scores? The detail above is not sufficiently detailed for me to be able to assess your candidacy. Did you do CIE, NCEA or IB French/what French accreditations/competitions have you done etc? Furthermore, have you written the Huntsman essay yet?

Hey, I was also planning on applying for Huntsman. But, I haven’t taken the SAT Subject Test in my target language (French). Our high school doesn’t offer French in junior and senior years, so I don’t have an AP score either. I studied French till sophomore year, and I do have some significant extra-curriculars in the language. Do you think that’ll be enough to meet the language requirements?