University of Auckland Interviews

How are the interviews done at The University of Auckland?

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Interviews for Medicine at The University of Auckland are done as Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs). These are a common format of Interviews that have recently gained popularity for medical interviews in Australasia.

The MMI consists of 8 stations, each being 8 minutes long, for a total of 64 minutes - just over an hour. For each station, there is 2 minutes of preparation where you read the question and what they are asking of you for that station, followed by 6 minutes of talking with the interviewer.

Each station assesses a different characteristic/trait, where topics range from questions about yourself such as why you want to do Medicine, your strengths/weaknesses and experiences of yours, as well as topics about a variety of subjects like Maori Health, Health Policy and Ethics issues. One station is slightly different, as a role-playing station, where you are given a context to role-play with an actor, and reflect on your performance.

To do well in this, practicing in as similar an environment as possible is useful to make sure you are as ready and prepared as possible - for the questions, for the timing, and for the intensity of interviews. MedView run an Interview Course which includes Mock MMIs with real actors to help with this experience, and the more formalised practice you can get the better.