UMAT resources/Strategy


Hi, I am a New Zealand Year 12 student (just finished level 2 exams) who is planning to take the UMAT as a practice in 2018. I am currently looking for good resources and strategies I can use to study. If anyone could recommend some resources such as study/strategy guides, practice tests, etc. that would be awesome. Also, is it important that the resources I use such as practice tests are physical copies since the actual test is not on a computer? Thanks!


For strategy, I would recommend you start preparing this Summer initially to get the flavour of the UMAT, then build into it during the 2018 school year with small amounts of practice weekly, and then a final push in the term 2 break - this would set you up ideally for the UMAT exam. The weeks leading up to the UMAT exam is the best time to practice full mock exams and simulate the environment as possible so that you are prepared for it.

As for resources, you’ve covered one of the most important things about them, in that all of your resources should be physical, given that speed reading is very different on a screen as opposed to paper, and this is the most important aspect of which resources to use.