UAC Applications with CIE

What is the process of applying with CIE qualifications to UAC for programs like med?

Hi! Great question. I am currently studying double degree medicine at the University of Sydney, after sitting the A-Levels and applying through UAC. The process can be complicated. You apply through UAC before the closing date and rank your preferences in terms of your most favourable universities. Generally you will not be offered a first round place because the CIE results are released too late. After UAC receives the results, it will rank you with all the other applicants taking your UMAT results into consideration. If you are competitive enough, the individual universities will extend you an interview offer. This will generally be their round 2 interviews. If you are successful in all three aspects of the application, the university will offer you a place through UAC in the second round of UAC offers. Some universities (like UNSW) will also require you to submit a separate application in accordance with their own closing date.

It’s important to remember that being in the second round of applications does not put you at any disadvantage.

Hope that helps!

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