Tutor for AS mathematics


Dear Jamie Beaton,

  • Or to whom it may concern;

I am currently in year 11, studying AS-Mathematics as I am in accelerated maths and am struggling with a few of the concepts. I was wondering if crimson offered tutoring services for high school students or if there is anyone available to tutor.

In the long term, I think I would like to study medicine, and I am sitting IGCSE biology, physics, chemistry and history.

I would greatly appreciate a recommendation to a tutor to help guide me through AS maths.

Thank you very much.


Hey UniversitySeeker!

Welcome to the community. You’ve come to the right place! I am delighted to share that Crimson offers New Zealand’s best mathematics tutoring for AS Mathematics and more of our students have been admitted into the Mathematics Olympiad than all other providers in New Zealand together! Send an email to f.jiang@crimsoneducation.org and cc j.beaton@crimsoneducation.org with a summary of your IGCSE Mathematics grades (and general IGCSE grades from your internal work so far at school if any) and any specific areas of weakness in AS Mathematics and we can arrange tutoring quickly so you can crush your exams!

As you fire your email, I will also put you in touch with one of our medical doctors @h.tsao who is an expert on New Zealand and Australia medical admissions to University of Auckland, Otago University and other institutions like Monash. Please specify also your citizenship status as this will be an important factor.