Top In Country/World


Hi, I’m interested in studying in a US university. I’m currently a first year student at Auckland University. I received a Top in Country in AS English Language and a Top in World for A2 English Language. I’m just wondering if these will have any effect on my application, and if so, how much?



Hi Jessica!

Great to hear from you. I find this quite funny as it is very similar to my results.

I scored Top in the World for A Level English Literature, Top in New Zealand for AS English Language and Top in the World for IGCSE English Language.

These accolades will have an effect on your US application. The US, unlike New Zealand universities places a lot of value on how well you achieve relative to other students and on the world stage. NZ tends to set specific score cut-offs that any student can meet and then be accepted. What this means is these awards that showcase your outperformance are very valuable and in short would be useful in boosting your candidacy.

As you have already started at Auckland University you would need to urgently speak with us because you are at risk of being considered a “transfer applicant”. Transfer applicants must apply to transfer from one university to another rather than applying directly after high school. This is harder to get in by a significant market - we have actually helped a student transfer successfully into Harvard (that year they took less than 20) and many of the other top schools but it is much better to apply as a normal applicant. Since you are still in the first year, it is likely we could potentially apply directly depending on your exact situation - send me an email with your CV, resume, university grades so far if any and your CIE grades from high school to - let’s not let those beautiful top in worlds go to waste!