Top 10 US Unis - specialties


I’ve heard that most of the top US universities have a particular field(s) it is known for and is very highly ranked in (eg. MIT - engineering).
Could someone make a list for the top 10?


Yes this is true. Here’s the thing - if you end up at a top 10 university, you’re obviously going to be fine no matter what you end up studying. However, if you know you’re good enough to get into a top 10 university in the US, you may want to take into consideration whatever it is that you’re thinking about as a possible major. Sometimes the best school for YOUR particular interest areas isn’t necessarily just the number 1 school. Check out the list below.

Princeton University - History, Economics, Public Policy, Computer Science, Psychology
Harvard University - Social Sciences, Biology, History, Physical Sciences
University of Chicago - Economics, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Mathematics, Public Policy
Yale University - Economics, Political Science, History, Molecular Biology
Columbia University - Engineering, Social Sciences, Biology and Biomedical Science, English Literature
Stanford University - Biology, Economics, International Relations, Computer Science
MIT - Engineering, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Duke University - Public Policy, Biology, Economics, Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
University of Pennsylvania - Finance, Registered Nursing, Economics, Biology
Johns Hopkins University - Public Health, Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, International Relations and Affairs, Neuroscience

Also, keep in mind that some schools that aren’t even the official “TOP 10” can have exceptional programs in areas that might be of interest to you, and still merit serious consideration when finalizing your school list. For example, the overall top schools for biomedical engineering right now include:

**Georgia Institute of Technology
Johns Hopkins University
Duke University
UC San Diego
Rice University
UC Berkeley
University of Pennsylvania
University of Michigan

Top schools for political science include:

Georgetown University
Columbia University
Washington University in St. Louis
Princeton University
Harvard University
Yale University
George Washington University
University of Pennsylvania
Trinity College
UC Los Angeles

The point is that you should pay attention to rankings, but really dig in to see which schools actually best fit your needs - you probably don’t need to apply to MIT if you’re planning on being a history major.