The Princeton Area

What is Nassau street and what kinds of things can you do there?

Nassau Street is a beautiful, quaint, suburban hub of activity next to campus. There is a variety of eateries (EPS Corner, Tiger Noodles, Hoagie Haven, Sakura Express, Jammin’ Crepes, Qdoba, Edo Ramen, Ajihei), coffeeshops (Small World, Rojo’s Roastery, Starbucks), boba places (Kung Fu Tea, More Café, Fruity Yogurt), and so much more. It includes a collection of really nice shops, barbershops, a CVS nearby, many small gift shops, the Princeton Public Library, and the Princeton Garden Theatre (movie theater) within walking distance!

In addition to the great spots on Nassau (and its neighboring streets), there are a couple of gems that are off the beaten path that students sometimes forget to find and explore.

In particular, walking north on Witherspoon Street will take you to Conte’s Pizzeria, an awesome dive bar with delicious pies, and then Tortuga’s Mexican Cafe off of Leigh Avenue, a great Mexican joint where you can bring your own beers (only if you’re 21!) and get SO much food for your money.