Taking the SATs



I’m a year 12 currently studying NCEA and am planning to take the SATs this year and I’ve never actually had an SAT tutor but after doing the practice papers on khan academy and the ones published in the college board official SAT study guide and finding the questions quite easy, I was thinking of taking the test as soon as possible and seeing what my results are like without being tutored and then deciding whether to get a tutor based on my results.

I’ve been advised against doing this as apparently you have to submit all the SAT results you’ve gotten for every exam you’ve sat in the past for some colleges but for others, you can choose the highest results out of all the exams you’ve taken and only submit those so I was hoping that you could help clarify if that is true and if so, what are the colleges that require all results and which don’t. I also wanted to get your opinion on whether i should or shouldn’t carry on with my course of action as the registration deadlines for SATs are drawing closer.

Thank you!


@Joy Thanks for the question!

Can you send me at j.beaton@crimsoneducation.org some more information about your current practice test level score, your NCEA Level 1 math results and some of your target universities and I can let you know what is optimal? It is difficult to give you a good suggestion without some specifics as the optimal strategy based on the set of colleges you’re applying for and your Math/English foundation.

I suggest registering as it is a fairly low cost to do so you have this option locked in and I can review your material quickly and make a decision for you.

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