Swap degrees then post grad


Hi there, I have a couple of questions about post grad entry into med.
Does the bachelor degree you do have to do with anything in hs/biomed?
If you start off with biomed as your first year degree do you have to complete that degree or can you do a complete 360 and do something like comp sci? If I do that, do I have to do the first year courses as a second year? and once I complete that degree, will my post grad entry into med take the same amount of time it takes for someone who got admitted into first year?


Hi @ac1710

In New Zealand post graduate entry in to medicine are not restricted to just people with a Bachelors in Biomedical science or Health science.
Students who take Biomedical science or Health science first year at Auckland or Otago and are not successful as undergraduate applicants for medicine can decide to either continue on with the degree or pursue a completely different degree.

If you were to do a completely different degree after this first year you will often find that you will have to start from the beginning doing either all 8 first year papers for the new degree (for example computer sciences) or some of the first year papers in similar degrees to Biomedical science and Health Science (for example biological science). This means that you potentially end up having to do an extra year or semester of study before you graduate with the Bachelor’s degree. It is one of the biggest factors in students continuing to complete their bachelors in Biomedical science or Health science. Another factor is that the curriculum in both degrees have some overlap with what is covered in Medicine so some students use this to their advantage should they be successful post graduate entry applicants.

If you complete your Bachelor’s in Biomedical science or Health science and apply as a graduate to both Auckland and Otago you will not need to repeat the first year courses again. However if you completed your bachelors degree in a completely different field like computer science you will need to sit the core papers that are done in first year. After satisfactorily completing the core papers your entry in to 2nd year of medicine is guaranteed.

Remember that the University of Auckland looks at the GPA from your last 2 years of academic study. In Otago they take your best 120 points each year then apply a scalar of 0.5 for first year; 1.0 for second year; 1.5 for third year. Overall this means that the grades from your last two years will have the heaviest weight in both universities.
You will also have to have a valid UMAT result in the year that you are applying.

I hope this helps with your question!