Stanford vs Harvard

So currently I am in my first year of the abitur and have like 2 major things that could possibly make me outstand compared to other students. One of them being that I have founded a company on my own with an estimated revenue of 1 million € per year and the other one is me being a student president/student speaker. I really want to get to one of these two universities to build up a network and since Stanford is (from what I have read) good for entrepeneurship while Harvard is good for finance and stuff I think the fields they are good for are very close to each other as well as to my personal interest fields. I read that someone went to princeton knowing that they love jazz people or so why she had an advantage over the other people. But when I think of harvard or stanford I really don’t know what to expect. What are possible things one could do (no matter if I am able to do those things) to improve their chances of getting in regards to extracurricular activities etc. The only thing I came up with was the company stuff but I think that one is way too obvious and maybe too “easy” to reach.