Sporting scholarships variation between sports and divisions

How do scholarships vary amongst different sports and divisions?

Sports vary with every university. First, you must consider what division you are looking to enroll in. Typically there are Division I, II, III. In Division III schools, they do not offer athletic scholarships and are academically focused institutions. With these schools, you may want to use athletics to leverage your acceptance into the school through the coaches at the school for your particular sport. Aim for merit-based scholarships for D3 schools. For D1 and D2 schools, the sports availability depends on each institution. Some institutions may only offer a certain amount of sports for each of men’s and woman’s teams so check on the school web page before enrolling. Within the sports, each teams Scholarship availability varies too. In college athletics, American Football and Basketball are the big sports, so they tend to have an enormous amount of scholarship available. Due to these sports taking up most of the money, the rest of money is given significantly to the woman sports. So for men’s sports such as soccer, swimming, track and field, golf, tennis, etc. the scholarship money may not be as full as the bigger sports. For these teams they may only have 4-6 full scholarships per team to be shared amongst a team of 9 players (example). Each team will have different amounts of scholarships so make sure to check before hand.