Should I take World Hostory or Math 2

Hi! My name is Alan! I really want to study business and finances in Columbia university or UPenn. I still have 1 year to prepare for SAT and I really don’t know whether I should take World History or Math 2. I have a very good visual memory and think will pass WH easily if I spend some time preparing for it. But I am not great at math, but as I said before I still have 1 year for preparation. I am sure it would look better in apllication if I take Math 2.What do you advise me?

Hey Alan!

Great to hear that you have such ambitious goals. Just to clarify, please be sure that you are planning to take either the SAT or ACT in addition to 2 SAT Subject Tests if you are applying to Columbia, UPenn, etc and schools of that caliber.

For your 2 SAT Subject Tests, Math 2 is strongly recommended if you are planning to major in Business. Penn specifically recommends Math 2 as 1 of your 2 Subject tests if you are planning to apply to Wharton. As for your second test, any subject that you excel in will be a great choice!

Please let us know if you have any other questions, or if you’d like a more detailed review of your candidacy, please email me at