Should I take VCE or the IB?

If I was hoping to get into a school in the U.S and am in Australia now should I take the IB or VCE? What’s the difference and can you do the IB through High School?


Personally I took VCE, but it really depends on what curriculum you think you are more suited towards. IB requires you to do a subject in each area meaning all-rounded students are a lot more suited towards it. However, VCE really has no restraints and you can do however many humanities or sciences you want; meaning if you were particularly weak in one area you could hide that by not even taking it in VCE.

If you think you could excel in either curriculum, then I would say take IB because it is internationally recognised and you can receive credit for classes if you get in.

In response to your last question, it depends on your school. My school didn’t offer IB so I was forced to do VCE (probably would have rathered IB).


Thank you. :slight_smile:

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