School Report and Mid-Year Report


What’s the difference between ‘School Report’ and ‘Mid-Year Report’?


Hi there, can you point me to precisely where you’re being asked for these two things? Typically, a ‘school report’ is just a listing of your grades up to this point in time that the Common App asks for (this point in time being during your senior year), while the mid-year report is a report of your grades from the first semester of senior year that you send to colleges after you’ve already submitted the initial application (since your grades won’t come in until December or later, if you’re on the normal semester system).

If none of this sounds like it applies to you, please explain your situation and I’ll answer more specifically!


The first semestr of senior year ends in the middle of December but the Coalition Application requires it during filling out the application. I would like to apply into Yale in November 2019. I don’t know what I should do.