School Insight: Shrewsbury International School

Is there anyone who has had personal experience with Shrewsbury either in the capacity of student, parent, or staff member?

I’m interested in learning more about the school and its culture, in particular:

-Extracurriculars available
-Leadership and volunteer opportunities
-Academic structure (curriculum / how are classes categorised/streamed
-School tradition and culture
-Social aspect / inclusivity
-Anything else applicable/useful

What are the best parts about attending Shrewsbury? In addition, what are some of the weaknesses (if any).

What are some of the reasons that I’d choose Shrewsbury over other top Bangkok International schools?

I am currently a grade 11 student studying A Levels at Shrewsbury.

Shrewsburry is a medium sized school with around 100 students per year level. With rough proportions of about 60% Thai and 40% International, a lot of our students are from the UK. We have a clear ranking system of each class, especially in the maths department (set 1, set 2, set 3 etc ranking) and we are given GPA’s.

The prefect system is one of the greatest parts of our school where the top leaders are selected fairly. They interview with head teachers and previous prefects and it’s not really based on academics or connections but on involvement at school. There’s also a student vote component.

I really love the teachers here who have always been very approachable and positive. It really creates a university setting and they treat us like adults and we can approach them in office hours. The A-Levels are very self-study orientated and really prepares us for university.

Tutoring is very common and nearly everyone in the top classes takes some form of tutoring. A lot of people also take IG examinations a year earlier to decrease the workload at different test centres but the school really discourages this.
Shrewsbury is a very academic-focused school and olympiad participation in maths, chemistry, and physics is very common. Most people take 4 A-Levels, and some take 3 or 5.

There is really every extra-curricular you need and if you want to start new ones, your always welcome to and supported to.

Career counselling starts in grade 11, and I think they are useful only in 1 on 1 sessions but their public talks are very cliche and unhelpful.

Students who want to be doctors go study in Thailand, but most students go to the UK, and the US as the second popular choice, I think we are sided towards the UK as we take A-levels so its just so convenient.

I think Shrewsbury is definitely the top academic school, but ISB and BPS are better in sports from what I’ve heard. I would still recommend my school though!