School Insight: Ruamrudee International School (RIS)


Is there anyone who has had personal experience with RIS either in the capacity of student, parent, or staff member?

I’m interested in learning more about the school and its culture, in particular:

-Extracurriculars available
-Leadership and volunteer opportunities
-Academic structure (curriculum / how are classes categorised/streamed
-School tradition and culture
-Social aspect / inclusivity
-Anything else applicable/useful

What are the best parts about attending RIS? In addition, what are some of the weaknesses (if any).

What are some of the reasons that I’d choose RIS over other top Bangkok International schools?


Hi Annonymous44,

My name is Matt. I graduated from RIS in 2013. I would describe my time at RIS as positive, definitely a time to remember. As far as extracurricular’s provided RIS offers numerous sports, namely; football, basketball, water polo and many more. Students at RIS may also participate in the arts such as music and drama, the RIS choir was particularly popular when I was a Student.

As far as the Academic structure of the school, RIS follows the typical US system. Students have a GPA, when students begin their junior and senoir years they have the option to begin either the International Baccalaureate or AP classes.

The culture at RIS is based around the founders of RIS who were christian fathers. Although this is the case students of all religions are encouraged to attend, no enforcement of religion is coerced on the students. This however makes RIS a particularly active school in the fields of charity and humanitarian work. Students are offered and encouraged to participate in the various charity groups who are responsible for helping the underprivileged all over Thailand.

RIS has a culture of competition both internally and with other international schools. This is evident in the various sports, creative and academic competitions that RIS routinely competes in. This cultural aspects binds the students at RIS together making them feel uniquely connected as students representing the school.

The facilities at RIS are state of the art in all regards. RIS has two swimming pools, indoor basketballs courts, a fitness room and two grass football fields. RIS has fully equipped staff who have experience in teaching all around the globe. Their are various music rooms, the art department has everything you need to complete the IB art program. The canteen serves affordable and delicious traditional Thai and international cuisines.

Being a student at RIS exposes you to an international environment and prepares students to take on the challenges of adult life. It is because of that reason I would choose RIS over the other top international schools in Bangkok.

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