School Insight: Anglo Singapore International School


Is there anyone who has had personal experience with Anglo either in the capacity of student, parent, or staff member?

I’m interested in learning more about the school and its culture, in particular:

-Extracurriculars available
-Leadership and volunteer opportunities
-Academic structure (curriculum / how are classes categorised/streamed
-School tradition and culture
-Social aspect / inclusivity
-Anything else applicable/useful

What are the best parts about attending Anglo? In addition, what are some of the weaknesses (if any).

What are some of the reasons that I’d choose Anglo over other top Bangkok International schools?



Anglo Singapore International School, like the name, is run by a Singaporian director. It is a very small school, and grade 11/12 is called Junior College (Singaporian terms). The cohort reduces drastically from grade 10 to grade 11 as there is usually a lot of thai students who go to thai universities - these students are geared towards leaving school at grade 10 (min education level needed to go uni). I think there’s around 60% Thai and 40% International, and most of the international students are from Singapore. It is a very small school and my grade (Grade 11) only has around 20 students. Grade 10 had around 30 students, although these figures fluctuate year to year. We do have a house system; yellow, green, blue, and red.

We follow the CIE A-Level’s curriculum, but for some (stupid) reason, we also learn things in the Singaporean A-Level Curriculums (which are harder than the CIE curriculum), although we’re never tested externally for them. I think there is a benefit that we have harder questions and we go more in depth but it does feel like a waste of time sometimes. Although theres no explicit ranks, there’s a GPAs and a achievement wall where people are ordered so some sense of ranking is obvious. Your limited to taking 4 A-Levels.

I think the most differentiating factor of Anglo is the teachers. I really love my teachers - they are very approachable and teach very well. When you’re in school, you can go directly to their office and teachers even give their line out sometimes, so they answer questions very quickly. Private tutoring isn’t common because school runs supplement classes after school with teachers that starts at 5 - this is something really unique I think. Once, a struggling student got help 1 on 1 every Sunday from a teacher, and teachers are always willing to help.

Although our campus is quite small, we have a swimming pool, football field, and gym. Due to the small cohort, it’s quite easy to stand out as everyone knows each other and teachers favour debaters as one of the strongest and most respectable Co-corriculars. Every secondary grade student is forced to choose atlas 1 Co-corricular activity and students in grade 7-8 are forced to take debating. Anglo is a very strong STEM school and debate school. We’re very geared towards the sciences and for some reason, we’re very good at debating. It’s also compulsory to take a community service activity and Duke of Edinburgh is compulsory for secondary school students. Starting clubs is a bit difficult here and you really need to go through a rigorous process of getting approval from the principal and preparing a proposal.

I think coming to Anglo means your going to devote a lot of your time to study and less co-corricular activities. Although teachers and students are very friendly, you’ll have to be able to stand the very small school size and the very academically focused culture.