Scholarship for Indians at NUS/SMU/NTU (Singapore)


I’ve heard that its relatively easy to gain 100% scholarships in Singapore. Could someone please help me with details. I am a high school student studying the ISC board in Mumbai.

Thank you

I’ve spoken to a number of Indian students in Singapore, and from what they say, it is not that easy. They have said that you probably need a 95 or higher on the ISC board to make the cutoff for scholarship to any of the top universities in Singapore, like NUS, SMU, or NTU.

Thanks jon.oh - What is the “bond” that Singapore offers - something about tuition being compensated for if you agree to work for 3 years after graduation? Does this apply to all universities in Singapore or just NUS (that i have heard of) ?

The “bond” is called the Tuition Grant; it’s a program run by Singapore’s Ministry of Education that gives scholarships to international students studying in Singapore in exchange for them taking on a work bond and staying in Singapore after graduation to work for 3 years. As far as I know, the TGS is applicable to all the public universities in Singapore, like Yale-NUS, NUS, NTU, and SMU, though I’m not sure about the private universities like INSEAD and SP Jain.

Here’s a description from the MoE website:
For all non-Singaporean students (including Singapore Permanent Residents), in exchange for the grant received under the Tuition Grant Scheme, they are required to apply for Tuition Grant (subject to MOE’s approval) and sign a Tuition Grant Agreement in which they will be contractually obliged to work in a Singapore entity for three (3) years upon graduation.

And here’s the link that I got it from: