Scholarship Biology



I am taking scholarship biology this year. I would really love to gain a scholarship as it is one of my best subjects and I have worked hard in it this year. Does anyone have any tips on how to self-study and prepare for it? I know the course content very well but I am struggling with how to apply this to the exam content given.

Thanks :slight_smile:



The best practice you can do for Schol Bio is probably working through the past questions. Because of the style of the exam, with three essays and the need to incorporate and adapt to unfamiliar contextual situations, it’s great to get some practice with structuring your essays, to ensure you answer the questions as comprehensively as possible.

Take note of the bullet points under each question - they are intended to help you out - and provide a way for you to structure what you know. The exam mark schedules for Biology are pretty comprehensive so I’d recommend having a look through these - and the exemplar answers, to get an idea of how best to incorporate all your course content knowledge but at the same time answer the question posed!

Good luck!