Public speaking anxiety!

How do I get over this fear of public speaking? Everytime I start talking in front of people my voice gets all high and I can’t think straight. Is this even something I can get over?

Though the thought of facing our fears is always terrifying, public speaking is one of the most common ones and as a result there are plenty of well-documented ways to tackle them!

Normally with a student that has the apprehensions you describe, we will go through a programme that involves analysing the speeches of world leaders. This becomes a breakdown into pitch, prosody and volume and the most effective way to utilise them.

Speechwriting is core to your skills as well, as you will always feel so much more confident when you are passionate and knowledgeable.

The best way forth then is to take all you know and practice, practice, practice. What better way to get over a fear than to make it routine?

Best of luck!