Please assess my extracurricular activities and how likely are they to help me get into ivy leagues

I am from India
My extracurricular activities include:
Head Girl (Sophomore Year)
Represented my state in several national level championships of pistol shooting
An active member of school Ted ed club
Founder of an initiative that helps towards reducing the gender gap in STEM fields by conducting workshops for girls.
I did not take any AP classes as my school does not provide any.
What are my chances of getting into an Ivy league if I apply to one?

Hey there!

These activities look reasonable but your extra-curriculars only account for 30% or so of your candidacy. Please tell me about your academic grades, SAT scores, any academic competitions you are involved in etc and I can give you a holistic opinion.

Thank you for your response. I am expecting my SAT score to be around 1510 in December according to my preparation. I have my grades ranging from an A to A-. How much of an impact to my extracurricular make on my application?