Past GPA Impact on Chances of Acceptance

I was able to calculate my GPA from year 7 to year 10 (currently in year 11). In year 7 it was 2.95, then in year 8-2.905, year9-3.06 and then year 10 was at 2.87 which leaves an average of 2.95. These numbers are all estimated, but around of my subjects in those years weren’t selective. For subjects which I’m applying for will those subject marks be taken into account over the other non-selective subjects? Also with a GPA of 2.95 puts me around an average, however assuming my SAT/ACT marks are in those higher bands with my atar being in the high 90’s will this be able or enough for universities to overlook my average GPA? Finally, with many co-curricular activities how do my experiences at school weigh compared to my marks?


There is no one single answer to this question, given that US schools look at your profile holistically. Yes, a great ATAR and great standardized test scores and a solid activities list can help balance out not so great grades, but it is really important to boost your year 11 grades as high as you can for the remainder of this year. Upward trajectory is particularly important if you didn’t achieve at the highest level leading up to your last year of college. Keep in mind too that besides just considering the most rigorous programs like top-10 tiered schools, you really should investigate other options that are at less overall competitive schools, but are still very highly ranked in the academic area you are most interested in studying. A great education can happen at a lot of schools besides HYP and the likes, and open up many doors professionally, so you can’t be too narrow in your research. HYP actually isn’t right for everyone, and sometimes you have to ask yourself the hard questions and do some soul-searching to consider some choices that may actually be a great fit for what you really need, and where you can truly thrive.