Oxford application timeline for Australian students

I have been interested in applying to Oxford for Law for a number of years now. I am currently in Year 11 and wondering when I apply to Oxford, so people have said that I need to apply at the end of year eleven with a predicted atar score whilst others have said I need to apply after year twelve( December 2017). I would appreciate some help in organising a timeline so I know when to take the LNAT, write my application etc…

Hey there! Here are some tips for your Oxford question.

If you want to start at Oxford in 2018, you will need to submit an application by October 15, 2017 through the UCAS application system. You will also have to sit the LNAT at some point between September 1 and October 20 in 2017. If selected for an interview, you’ll have to go do that in person at Oxford in December 2017, so you would need to plan accordingly for that even before you receive notification about getting an interview (notification can happen as late as November). For Australia, ideally you will have between 98.5 and 99.5 for your ATAR. You will also need your ACT Year 12 Certificate.

Thank you so much for such a comprehensive answer, it’s really reassuring as I was worried I had to apply at the end of this year, but in fact I have another year? Also, do they consider our marks prior to year 12 or are the acclimated with the Australian system to know that the ATAR is what is really definative in terms of marks schemes, unlike the American GPA system?
Once again, THANKS, you don’t understand how useful this is for me!!!

They just want that ATAR score and understand the system well, as a decent
number of Australians make their way there for college. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!! I am beyond grateful!