Oxbridge GPA


Anyone got any idea as to the realistic GPA cutoff for entry into Oxbridge postgrad? Particularly in regards to the University of Auckland 9-point scale


Hi Anonymous,

It entirely depends on what programs you are applying for. Most applicants will have a 7.5+ GPA/9 or higher. It is extremely program dependent though. What are you applying for?


Hi Jamie,

Thank you for the reply. I am looking between the subject areas of finance (MSc) or internstional relations (MPhil). Out of interest, what programmes tend to have lower / higher GPA cut-offs?
Also if I could extend this conversation slightly, would you say this 7.5+ rough guideline applies to the top schools, such as Imperial or LSE, or are they slightly lower since they are not Oxbridge?
Thanks :slight_smile:




Hi Anon,

The MSc and MFE programs in finance are typically among the more competitive. One good example is Oxford’s MFE program from Said Business School. The level of competition varies significantly by the expertise within each university. Your course selection within your undergraduate program and general rigor is also highly relevant. MPhil postgraduate programs vary significantly from Oxford to Cambridge and across the russel group in general but if I had to stereotype it is usually less competitive than finance.

You should also have a strong view on your objectives post graduation and what you hope to do upon finishing the programs. Send me a copy of your transcript from university and what types of programs you are considering with what career objectives afterwards (even roughly) to j.beaton@crimsoneducation.org and I can give you some more specific advice on this.