NZQA Scholarship statistics


Which Level 3 standards would I need to know, to prepare myself for scholarship statistics?


Honestly, none. Myself and a few friends self taught it over a week or so (maybe 6 hours tops?) and got the scholarship. Most of the content is Schol Stats specific, and you really just know how to write and think critically about statistics that you’re given.


Harry’s quite right in that Scholarship Statistics is assessed quite differently to a lot of the standards done at Level 3. All of them tend to be included in some way, but quite differently so you’re almost better off learning the standards by doing past Scholarship Statistics exams.

That being said, I think there’s value in learning the two externals on Probability and Probability Distributions to some degree - these tend to feature for between half to a whole question so are worth a total of 4-8 marks usually of the whole exam.

There will also be content on inference, experimental design and time series, but the focus is quite different to the focus in Level 3 - it’s more on interpretation of the results, so while it’s important to learn the terminology that is used, you can learn how to answer the Scholarship questions more by practice than by reading a Level 3 textbook.

My school only taught us about 4 of the standards at Level 3 so I mostly self taught myself the others through looking at past exams and ended up with a pretty good grade in the exam.