NZ student applying to Medicine in Australia

I have a question about NZ students studying in Australia. I have heard of students applying for Australian universities so that if they do not get into the NZ med course they can possibly go to an Australian uni. I’m a year 13 student doing NCEA, I’ve signed up for the UMAT this year and am planning to go to Otago and do HSFY and then if I don’t get into medicine consider Australia.

I’m kind of confused about what my options are when applying to Australian universities. Can I apply in year 13 and then defer the offer for a year or do you apply during HSFY? If you do apply during HSFY do you still count as a school leaver or will you then have to apply as a non-school leaver?

When applying to Australian universities will NZ students have to travel to the universities that they get interviews at to the interview or do they sometimes do an online one? Are there any other challenges for NZ students to study in Australia?

It would be great if someone could clear up my understanding. Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @t.reiner4132!

If you wish to consider Australia after Otago HSFY, you will need to Australia in Y13. If you are lucky enough to be accepted, you can then defer your position for a year to study HSFY. Generally, you will not be considered a high school leaver if you apply for Australia during HSFY because you will already have credits of study at a tertiary institution.

Interviews are always conducted in person so you will need to fly to Australia for them. One other key consideration is that NZ citizens are currently not eligible for the student loan unless you meet certain criteria. However, as of now, NZ citizens are still considered domestic students and pay domestic fees.