NYUAD Acceptance Rate



Quick question. Why is the NYUAD acceptance rate so incredibly low? Is it just like 3x more competitive than an institution like Harvard or is there a reasonable explanation for the low acceptance rate?




Basically, NYUAD has a very small class size. What this means is that rather than having say 1600 slots like Harvard, NYUAD has far fewer slots. This means that there is simply less seats to go around.

Secondly, NYUAD can be applied by ticking one extra box on the New York University application. Because the marginal effort to apply is so low and lots of people tick the box, it generates a high number of applications.

Ultimately, the massive number of applications (inflated by the tick box mechanism similar to Yale-NUS) and the low number of seats yields a low percentage rate.

The fascinating thing to consider is the yield rate i.e. of every offer given out to attend NYUAD what proportion goes? This number is very low (similar to Yale-NUS) and basically students will choose NYU, any Ivys, Duke etc over this consistently. While the acceptance rate is low, the yield adjusted acceptance rate measured by acceptance rate/yield (a better measure for quality) paints the real story.

Hope that helps


Thank you, that explains it very well. The financial aid there is so great. Would NYUAD be a good uni to go into IB or private equity?