What are my chances of getting into NYU or UCLA with a 25 ACT but I average 92 in school? the rest of my application is good except my ACT, do I still have a chance?

The 25th percentile score for both UCLA and NYU for the ACT is approximately 28. A score of 25 in the ACT places you below the 25th percentile. Bear in mind that international students, it is even more competitive and the average percentile scores are based on an average of 85% Americans and 15% international students typically.

All in all, this makes it very difficult for you to gain admission if your ACT score is the main basis for application.

Remember at NYU you only need ONE of the following:
The SAT Reasoning Test; or.
The ACT with Writing Test; or.
Three SAT Subject Test scores; or.
Three AP exam scores; or.
The International Baccalaureate Diploma; or.
Three IB higher-level exam scores (if you are not an IB Diploma candidate)

A 92% average varies in significance depending on the curriculum you are taking and the competitiveness of your school. Can you let me know what type of curriculum you are studying?

All in all, assuming magnificent extra curriculars and leadership, assuming you have to use the ACT score because you don’t meet any of the other options and assuming your GPA places you near the top of your school, I would say you have greater than 0% but <10% odds of gaining admission to either school. Your reference letters and application essays are going to be massive here. Please message me directly if you want any feedback on these.

I would also add that if you are applying for financial aid at NYU you have basically no chance of gaining admission with a score this low.