NYU and NYC, how does it really help?



MBA hopeful here.

NYU is located in the global business hub of the world and because of that, its students are exposed to opportunities unavailable elsewhere. The common example I’ve heard to illustrate this is “you can take a subway ride to XYZ business and be back for class”.

However, could you please provide a specific example where living/ studying/ working in NYC has given you a distinct advantage that you wouldnt get elsewhere say, at MIT.



Sure. I studied at Harvard and when my peers and I had interviews with various New York City hedge funds and investment banks including Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Tiger past the initial phone call rounds we would have to physically fly or train down from Boston to New York which takes 3-4 hours each way. This basically chews through a day per interview. Attending Columbia or NYU means you can cut down an 8 hour round trip to a 1 hour round trip.