Non-Traditional applicant

Hi Crimson team

I graduated high school in 2015 in NZ and took 2 gap years to operate my business in s.Korea, and studied the first year at the University of Auckland in 2018. This year I decided to take a break from uni to expand my business and consider applying to ivy league schools in the US. What do I need to do as a non traditional applicant?

Hey Richard - Since you did first year at UoA we may need to look at the formal transfer process. This is a bit more selective than traditional application pathways and some schools don’t accept such candidates i.e. Princeton. Can you send me a copy of your GPA and CV to and I’ll see how feasible this is. Include all your high school results.

Hi Jaime

After considering all my situations I just decided to work in Korea and attend the UoA next year. And like Ben suggested, perhaps if I apply to the US in the future for the post graduate degree, it would be a better chance. I would then definitely contact Crimson again for professional service. I’m sorry for taking your invaluable time. I hope you understand and thank you so much.

Warm Regards.