New Zealand students going to Australian med schools +UMAT

Hello, I am a year 12 student planning to take the UMAT in year 13 as a practice and possibly considering Australian medical schools as a back up if I don’t get into otago (which would be my top choice). I was wondering if New Zealand students are considered international or domestic students at Australian universities, if so what implications would this have? If I did poorly in the UMAT in year 13 would it be a better option to go to Auckland instead of Otago?
Also, I am planning to take first-year health sciences at Otago in 2019. When would I apply for Australian universities to use as a backup to otago?

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Hi @t.reiner4132

Currently, the Australian Government are planning on enacting a policy which will stop subsidising enrolments for New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents. This new policy will come into effect at the beginning of next year. New Zealand citizens would continue to have access to the Australian student loan system. This decision implies that it would push the amount of fees you pay if you’re an NZ citizen from $7000 to $24,000.

Regardless of what your result is in your Y13 UMAT sitting, you will have to do it again first year at either Auckland and Otago. Your first-year result at Auckland and Otago will be the deciding factor in whether you get through to the next stage. However, in saying this your Y13 result in the UMAT will influence your applications for AU universities though, because most AU universities admit students straight out of high school. This does not include the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne which both require GAMSAT.

Regarding your last question, I would advise applying to them by using their application deadlines as they differ to the NZ universities.