New Zealand CIE student applying for Australian Medical Schools


Hello my name is James i am currently a year 13 student living in NZ and i take CIE.

I’ve done some researches about different Australian Medical schools( those with direct undergraduate entries ) and what troubles me the most is the English Language Requirement… I’m taking AS Literature at the moment and likely won’t be able to take A2 English. However using my other predicted grades to convert my ATAR score, i got 97, which met the guaranteed ATAR score for some of the universities which i wish to get in ( e.g. Monash , UNSW)

My First Language is Mandarin but i’ve been to New Zealand for almost 5 years now… In this scenario, am i still able to get into UNSW or Monash? If not, what should i do ? Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi James, yes, AS English is enough for admission to Australian Medical Schools, though a 97 ATAR would be stretching it for the Universities you mentioned. This is assuming you are a domestic student (either permanent resident or NZ student), otherwise the process can be quite different for international students.

In saying that, if you can achieve a very high UMAT, this can balance out your ATAR, and I would definitely recommend applying to all the Australian Medical Schools to keep your options open, as the ATAR expectations amongst the universities can vary widely.


Hi sir! Thank you for your reply! Yes i’m an NZ student and i also went to the Medview thingy yesterday and saw you there haha :slight_smile: Sorry but just one more dumb question: what would the Australian Medical schools usually require for the grade of AS literature? Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Ah haha nice, I hope you found it useful :slight_smile:

As for English grades, each University has its own policy, though Usually a C grade in AS English or higher is required.


Thank You very much !