New SAT Vocab list?

hi just wondering, is there a vocab list for the new SAT? and if so where would i get it?

Yes there are many vocal list resources available that apply to the new SAT. Search online for “New SAT Vocab List” and you will find myriad options - just be sure to double-check that you are looking at words that apply to the test beginning with the March 2016 test date and beyond.

An important thing to remember about vocabulary on the new SAT is that context clues are now more important than ever when figuring out a word’s meaning as it appears in the test. The test utilizes actual historical documents, scientific documents, and segments of classic literature to test your vocabulary now. So what is a good strategy for handling this situation? Just get more comfortable with more words! READ! Read a news article from a reputable source every single day as an exercise to keep your mind open to absorbing new words. You’ll be surprised how effective it is to just expose yourself to a wider array of vocabulary than what you see in your daily life.