NCEA - Unit Standards


Hi there, I’m taking a subject which is mainly composed of unit standards (not achievement standards - able to get achieved, merit, excellence, but unit standards are only pass or fail, so highest grade available is achieved). How much does this affect my GPA or my grades for international colleges?

Are they able to tell that they are unit standards?

Is it better to get not assessed, which means I won’t turn up and the standard will just disappear or shall I go for the achieved credits? Because I don’t need those credits to pass level 3 if that makes sense?



So basically what will happen with these credits is that they will just appear as achieved credits in your transcript. They will show up as you getting the highest grade possible for that assessment, but overseas universities may not notice this.

What they will be able to see however, is the number of credits from other subjects that you have gotten at Level 3 with Merit or Excellence. I wouldn’t say you need to worry about not assessing these to look better, but instead, your other credits will carry you through if they are of high quality.

From a personal view however, I would choose to not assess these if you don’t need the credits. This is because the additional achieved credits don’t add anything but take up time. This time could be spent better on working on other things to enhance your application, for example considering NZQA Scholarship exams, or doing extra curricular activities.

Hope that helps!