NCEA Scholarship Calculus vs AP Calculus BC

Hi all, I will be sitting the scholarship Calculus exam this year. While studying I happened upon AP Calculus BC, which I assumed was the American equivalent(?), and after some exploration was left wondering how universities would compare the two. So my question is which of the two (NCEA scholarship calculus and AP Calculus BC) is considered more rigorous and attractive to universities in America, as well as how an outstanding NCEA scholarship in general would compare with similar examinations in the U. S. Thanks.

The AP exam will be considered a more rigorous exam to the universities in the United States. It is one that the schools will be more familiar with as it is created with the intent of replicating a U.S. university entrance calculus class. For some US schools, they will have an admissions officer responsible for ANZ who will be familiar with NCEA, but that is not true of all schools and those AOs that do supervise New Zealand would also inevitably supervise other countries.

Thank you for the reply, your insights are of much importance to me! As a mathematician, however, I find myself more stimulated by the NCEA scholarship calculus than an AP Calculus BC practice test. Is this just myself or is the NCEA scholarship less academically challenging?
If anybody could answer this question I would be very grateful.
Thank you once again,

I am not as familiar with the NCEA curriculum personally, but one strategy you could take to both do NCEA and also show your proficiency in calculus if you find the AP Calculus exam non-stimulating is to sign up for the AP test separately once you’ve completed the NCEA coursework. You can study separately and still take the exam.